Group Expands Access To, Opportunities In, Venture Capital

Green D Ventures is strengthening access to venture capital for both investors and entrepreneurs in the Dartmouth community.

For the average person, the world of venture capital can seem opaque. Founders know that they often need to catch the eye of VCs in order to push their early-stage or growth-stage start-up along. People with an interest in investment know that venture capital comes with big risks, but potentially big rewards. 

And yet, many people don’t know where to get started with VC. At the same time, the sector is growing rapidly. More and more companies are relying on private investment rather than going public.

“You have all this flip of money, that instead of going after the public sector, is now in the private sector,” says Laura Bordewieck Rippy, D’89, managing partner of Green D Ventures. “That where all the growth happens, and for the average accredited investor, they’re blocked out of that.” 

Green D Ventures pools resources from Dartmouth alumni who are accredited investors (those with a net worth over $1 million, or a yearly income of $200,000). The group then uses those funds to invest in start-up and growth-stage companies that are diversified across a number of metrics. This allows Green D Ventures to give investors a chance to get involved with VC, all while strengthening the Dartmouth community. 

“I love the idea that we are investing in companies that are going to change the world, and we do it with a Dartmouth Green hue, because we’re investing in companies that have a Dartmouth connection in most cases,” says Rippy. 

The idea was developed by Dartmouth alum Mike Collins, ’86. Collins recognized that there was an interest in expanding access to venture investment. He founded Alumni Ventures Group, which was initially focused on Dartmouth but now has alumni venture groups structured around 18 different universities, including Harvard, Yale and MIT. 

“It’s one of the great Dartmouth success stories,” Rippy said during a spring Dartmouth Entrepreneurs Forum fireside chat. 

Even among all those schools, the Green D community is thriving the most, Rippy said. That provides a huge opportunity for the companies that Green D invests in. 

“We’re one LinkedIn away from anybody who you want to meet,” Rippy says. “You just take that ball and run with it, and we’ll be there to support you as you grow.”

Green D only invests in companies that have massive potential. 

“Part of venture is you have to have huge ambitions,” Rippy says. 

She always encourages members of the Dartmouth community to contact her about promising companies, but says, “within that open invitation, think about ones that are going to be enormous.”

For more information, visit Green D Ventures, or email Rippy at