San Francisco Dartmouth Entrepreneurs Forum Office Hours – 2022


Office Hours Workshop
September 8, 2022

At the offices of
Norwest Venture Partners
Two South Park | San Francisco

This unique workshop is for pre-launch and seed stage start-ups in the Dartmouth network.  Entrepreneurs will be connected one-on-one with seasoned entrepreneurs, tech execs, developers, designers, lawyers, and investors from the Dartmouth community. This will be a series of short meetings with a number of different mentors. Last year we had more than 50 Dartmouth start-ups connect with Dartmouth mentors.

The DEF Office Hours are open to start-ups from entire Dartmouth community and free of charge. Non-Dartmouth co-founders are invited to join their Dartmouth-affiliated colleagues at Office Hours as well.

Schedule of Events

two thirty to three

Norwest Venture Partners
Two South Park | San Francisco

3 to 5

Office Hours