Dartmouth I-Corp

Dartmouth's NSF I-Corps Site program


Is your technology ready for the market?

Explore the transition of your technology to the marketplace through training and funding from Dartmouth's NSF I-Corps Site program

  • Determine the customer for your technology, the size of the market for your technology, and market trends
  • Decide whether or not to pursue commercialization of your technology or idea
  • Receive up to $3,000 for exploring commercialization and prototyping
  • Complete the research needed to apply for a $50,000 grant to aid in commercialization


What? Grants and education for Dartmouth teams to explore commercialization of a technology developed through Dartmouth academic research or experience-based learning programs.

Dartmouth I-Corp Faculty Lead


Laura Ray, PhD

Professor of Engineering, Thayer School

Dartmouth I-Corp Program Session Lead


Caroline Cannon Tu '98

Who? Teams comprising an Entrepreneurial Lead, a Principal Investigator, and a Business Mentor, with at least one member being affiliated with Dartmouth as a current enrolled student (or recent graduate), post-doctoral fellow, faculty member, researcher, or staff member.

How much? Up to $3000 for customer discovery, defining value proposition, and proof-of-concept prototyping.

Other benefits?  Participants in Dartmouth’s I-Corps Site program may to apply to the National Science Foundation’s national I-Corps program, which provides $50,000 to explore commercial viability of a technology.

How do I apply?  Please submit a single pdf file containing a one-page Executive Summary and a budget of up to $3000 to Dartmouth.Icorps@dartmouth.edu.

If you have any questions about the program, you can email us directly at Dartmouth.Icorps@dartmouth.edu.

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