Entrepreneurial Internships

Entrepreneurial Internship Program

The Entrepreneurial Internships Program is an initiative of
the Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship to help place and support students
in internship opportunities at entrepreneurial companies.

 ***Please note that all internship opportunities and supporting programming
will be remote through Summer 2021***


The Entrepreneurial Internship Program helps Dartmouth students find opportunities to which they have not traditionally been exposed. These include internships at startups, tech companies, and venture capital firms.

Students have access to:

  • Individualized support from program management (no question or dream too big or too small!)
  • The Wily Initiative Fund Grant (for undergraduates) or the
  • Social-e Internship Fund (for undergraduates)
  • Access to opportunities at early stage companies, tech companies, and venture capital firms with Dartmouth connections or active interest in recruiting Dartmouth student talent
  • Supplemental professional development curriculum taught by industry experts from the Dartmouth community
  • 1:1 mentorship pairing with recent Dartmouth graduates
  • Exclusive networking opportunities

*If you are interested in recruiting Dartmouth students, please reach out directly to program management: samc@dartmouth.edu. Note: a full job description is not necessary to work with us. More details below in "partner with us" section.


Students from any major are encouraged to apply for these roles!

We work with companies that are hiring for both technical and non-technical roles.

It may be surprising, but nearly half of the jobs at startups (even tech companies!) are non-technical.

Is startup life for you?
Consider how comfortable you are with the concept of,

"Building the plane while you're flying it..."

If you are excited by this idea, entrepreneurial internships are likely a great fit for you! If you aren't sure what you think, please set up time to talk to us and we can help think through the best learning experience for you.

IMG_3555 3

< LEFT: Jeff Richards ’94 sharing networking tips and tricks with the
summer 2019 cohort.

> RIGHT: Practicing personal pitches with Amanda Sayigh ’09 and
Olivia Rosen ’17 during the inaugural summer 2019 workshop.

IMG_3452 3


Want to hire a Dartmouth intern at your startup or tech company?
Need extra resources to hire a student?
Interested in mentoring a Dartmouth student?
Game to teach a professional development workshop?

If you have any interest in the above ideas (or other ideas you think would enhance the entrepreneurial internship experience for Dartmouth students), we'd love to talk about how we can work best with you! We are accustomed to working with startups with a variety of different resources to support an intern in-house. We are able to help close some of those gaps through our professional development offerings and a competitive pool of supporting grants.

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