Introduction to Entrepreneurship

An intensive three week course for those interested in moving an idea forward into a tangible product, service or new venture.

Save the date - Fall Term - Tuesday, October 16 | 7:00PM-9:00pm | Occom Commons

Idea Generation

Don't have an idea yet?  That's okay.  Come learn how to brainstorm an idea into reality or how to identify existing ideas.

Market Analysis

So you have a technology or an idea for a product or service?  But is there a need in the market?  Are customers willing to pay you for it?  We explore this theme and how to position you to do appropriate market discovery.

Product Development

Learn how to build your product or service.  Discover the path from idea to product and learn about all the resources at Dartmouth that can support you in this.

Venture Formation

Here we cover how to incorporate your venture project into a legal entity.  The topic area also covers team formation between co-founders and employees.

Venture Funding

Learn about all the resources the Magnuson Center has to offer as it relates to our grant funding offerings.  In addition learn more about the early stage funding process of angel investors and venture capitalists.

Sales & Marketing

Learn how to develop a go-to-market strategy to get your product in the hands of customers and generating revenue.