Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community

Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community


“Being part of the Magnuson Center played a very significant role in getting my biotech company off of the ground. Everyone has been kind and very willing to help me. The opportunities available at the Magnuson Center are invaluable.”

– Jayanth Batchu ’18

Founder, Novather


Dartmouth’s First Living Learning Community Focused on Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship in Living Learning Community is the Dartmouth Living Learning Community for students in all disciplines who have an entrepreneurial spirit. Residents are often pursuing entrepreneurial interests, are creative artists and designers, are savvy in technical projects, or have a vision to help the world through social entrepreneurial ventures.


Residents have the opportunity to gain a broad set of entrepreneurial perspectives as they engage in student and guest speaker led discussions and case studies during the Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community weekly dinners. Students also participate in Magnuson Center entrepreneurial programming. Their hands-on-learning experience is augmented by connections they make with the greater Dartmouth entrepreneurial community, the Upper Valley entrepreneurial ecosystem, and Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network (DEN) City Chapters and alumni across the United States.

Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community students have the opportunity to participate in extensive Magnuson Center programming, and they are invited to special Dartmouth alumni and speaker events because of their close affiliation with the Magnuson Center. Students participate in Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community floor social events, floor generated programming, and weekly dinners (where they keep each other accountable for their project and venture goals).

One highlight of the year are Magnuson Center Experiences. The West Coast Experience takes place in the Dartmouth Winter Break applications are accepted at the beginning of fall term. Students travel to Seattle, WA, San Francisco and Palo Alto, CA for a 10-day trip. Residents may also take Min-Treks a one-to two-day weekend trip to an entrepreneurial or tech conference in a city in the United States. Past Mini-Treks have been in Boston, New York City, Burlington, and the Boulder/Denver area. Students also meet with Dartmouth alumni entrepreneurs on these Mini-Treks.

Residents have the opportunity to create solutions for the problems they see in the world and at Dartmouth using the Magnuson Center resources on campus and beyond.


  • Residents are strongly encouraged to participate in Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community weekly dinners (Monday nights from 5:00PM – 6:00PM) and other Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community sponsored activities, which could include workshops, speakers, and experience trips.
  • Take trips to places like the Dartmouth Regional Technology Center and local startups in the Upper Valley.
  • Participation in programming will be considered during the evaluation of applications for the upcoming year.


  • Residents will have access to the Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship to work on their own entrepreneurial projects
  • Residents have the opportunity during the Dartmouth fall term to apply to the Magnuson Center West Coast Experience, which takes place during Dartmouth’s winter break. 12 undergraduate students and 2 Tuck students accompanied by Magnuson Center professional staff travel to Seattle, WA and the San Francisco Bay Area to meet Dartmouth alumni engaged in entrepreneurship.
  • During the Dartmouth winter term residents can apply to the Magnuson Center East Coast Experience, which takes place during Dartmouth’s spring break. Undergraduate students visit alumni in US cities with established DEN City Chapters (past trips have gone to Boulder and Denver, CO, New York City, and Washington DC).
  •  Residents can also take Mini-Treks, 1-2 day trips to entrepreneurial or tech conferences in cities such as Boston, New York City, and Burlington, VT.


o   Sarah Morgan, Program Manager, Experiential Learning

o   Jonathan Alter ’21, Entrepreneurship LLC Student Leader


The Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community is located on the 3rd floor of the state-of-the-art dorms in the McLaughlin Cluster.

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