Technology Guidance

Looking for technology guidance for your startup?

We are a diverse team of technologists with a wide range of real-world experience in various technologies, programming languages, computer science disciplines, and professional consulting. If you are looking for technical guidance, reach out, we can help! 


Our services include the following:


Act as a sounding board for technological ideas

  • Identify core customer needs - does your solution solve the stated problem?
  • Advise on achievable MVP based on resources available - do your expectations match capacity?
  • Perform technological feasibility analysis - is this solution possible with current technology?

Provide guidance on next steps toward a first customer MVP

  • Help map out development time milestones - how can you manage cost against achievable goals?
  • Provide external resources recommendations - what other general guidance can you obtain? 
  • Guide entrepreneurs to appropriate technology - what technologies best suit your product and where can you find specific resource guidance? 

Siva Kandasamy

Consulting Team Lead

Siva Kandasamy is a senior software engineer in Dartmouth’s Research, Teaching and Learning department. He did his undergraduate in Electronics at Mepco-Schlenk Engineering college, India and his Masters in Biomedical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Prior to joining Dartmouth, he worked in medical, mobile, and financial technologies. 

He enjoys working with people and always looks forward to interacting with new people and new experiences. He strongly believes that even good things need improving.

Scott Shumway

Scott Shumway

Senior Consultant

Scott Shumway is a senior software engineer in Dartmouth’s Research, Teaching and Learning department. He did his undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan, and is currently pursuing his MBA at the University of New Hampshire. Prior to joining Dartmouth, he worked in financial technology. Scott also has experience as a consultant, primarily in the web space.

He enjoys skiing and riding his motorcycle when he’s not planted in front of a computer learning the latest programming language.

Will Cowen

Will Cowen

Senior Consultant

 Will Cowen is a senior software engineer in Dartmouth's Enterprise Services Group where he serves as a scrum master and developer for multiple academic, administrative, and student-facing projects. He has worked in Higher Education for over fifteen years as an application developer, and has served as a consultant for companies developing web applications and design projects. 

Will is a serial dilettante who collects hobbies as his primary hobby, and lately has been learning how to bake, fly-fish, and play darts, in parallel but not exactly at the same time.

Amanda Emerson

Amanda Emerson


Amanda Emerson is a senior software engineer in Dartmouth’s Research, Teaching and Learning department. She did her undergraduate in Computer Science at Daniel Webster College, Nashua, NH. Prior to joining Dartmouth, she worked in defense contracting, pharmaceutical, and online news research technologies.

Amanda is a career-driven rescue cat owner who has lived in New England all her life and wants to live on the beaches of Maine someday. If a project requires her to learn something new, she dives into the challenge eagerly.

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