TuckLab @ Magnuson Center


Empowering Dartmouth undergraduates to pursue their passions

A new collaboration between the Tuck School and Dartmouth’s Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship.

TuckLAB empowers Dartmouth undergraduates to pursue their passions by providing them with the business skills they need to leverage their liberal arts education in today’s competitive marketplace.

Why TuckLAB?

TuckLAB is designed to allow you to study what you care about, do what you love, and build a successful career in today’s competitive job market. TuckLAB prepares students from all backgrounds and majors with vital, practical business skills they’ll use to forge a path in any field they choose.

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The Magnuson ABLE Concentration

In winter and spring 2019, TuckLAB will be focused on entrepreneurship as part of the Magnuson Applied Business Learning and Entrepreneurship (ABLE) concentration. Students will learn vital skills that will teach them to think differently and focus on the applied innovation that resonates in any field.


Meet some of our students.


“TuckLAB wasn't just eye-opening in a cognitive sense, but also in an emotional one. I was learning how to deal with myself, how to deal with my peers, how to deal with new ideas, and really knowing and learning how to process my emotions with all of these new concepts.”—Isis Cantu, government major

Isis Cantu '19


“The Challenges were a fun way to apply our learnings and present in front of the cohort. I strongly believe that experiential learning is the best way to learn, so these were great experiences from both a business and presenter-minded perspective.”

Carlos Polanco ‘21


“My favorite part of TuckLAB was definitely being able to see what an MBA education might look like. The professors are teaching classes that they teach to MBA students, just more condensed. Getting a taste of that has been super wonderful and has taught me a lot of core business skills, like financial modeling and marketing. It was also a great experience to do so much group work with different people who I hadn't met on campus before.”

Chloe Baker '21

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